After a hiatus of around four years, I am penning some essential bits on Open Well Pumps. I have a cold feet yet trying to blog on this special category of pumps that have served millions of Indians draw water from open wells that are common landscape features in southern slice of India. I am an ardent fan of CRI Pumps since all my clients (to whomever’s places I have made drilled in wells and installed pumps) as of now have been enjoying quality products from CRI due to its long life and quality output! So, here we go:
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FAQs on Bore well Pumps

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Bore well Pumps find a huge usage in domestic and commercial purposes. In this article today, I am going to discuss on some common FAQs on these particular set of pumps.

Identify the place for installation of borewell:

Domestic Borewell exploration is done by the method called Vertical Electrical Sounding. Ancient tools like wooden sticks and magnetic blocks also help identify the site for borewell. However, these tools often do not present the reliable information and may lead to a clamour while installation.

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Summer sets in with lot of discomfort and inconvenience. The long spell of the scorching sun for around 4 months a year squeezes out the water from the lands of India. The wrenching heat complimented with acute shortage of water in most of the regions gives rise to another clamour – DROUGHT! It seems life is at stake and that water now seems to be more precious than any other jewels on the planet! This blog on submersible pumps is dedicated to all those engineers and amateurs who strive to pull out at least a drop of water from the bore wells in drought parts of the summer lands.

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