Reducing the risk of turbine pumps failure in a highly ambitious oil refinery project

An extensive lube oil refinery project was on the process and there was an obligation to reduce the emergency risks and eliminate the chances of replacing or repairing highly expensive turbine pumps. The project was based in the shores of Indian Ocean and consisted of experts and professionals from all over the world because the end result was supposed to serve the entire nation. However, there were major challenges and we all had to resolve them at the earliest point of time.

This refinery was having consistent troubles with its turbine driven pumps. Now and again amid operation, the pump courses heated up and the primary and secondary seals were occasionally getting damaged.
The issue was brought on by a low supply of accessible oil in the lube oil reservoir. There was no level switch or other level observing of this oil supply that could alarm the administrators when the lube oil level got to be too low. This brought about a few negative business effects to this refinery. To begin with, it expanded the danger of capital damage to their extravagant turbine pumps. Furthermore, it expanded the danger of unit downtime because of possible failures of pumps. In conclusion, work force dangers were higher because of successive field assessments of the lube oil level in the repository.

We handled this issue by introducing a switch in the lube oil store of the turbine pumps. The switch or the alarm enacts a caution if the oil level in the supply turns out to be too low and needs refilling. There is a pulse LED mounted on the highest point of the device, which furnished us with a simple approach to check the status furthermore, soundness of the switch without hauling the device out of the process.
Establishment of this lube oil level discovery switch had a few positive business sways for this operation. It considerably diminished the danger of harm to their lavish turbine pumps, which could bring about crisis repairs or substitution, bringing about unit downtime. Work force dangers were likewise diminished by reducing their exposure to the procedure.

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