Lanstove: A lamp that's also a stove



Is it a stove or a lamp? "It is actually both," says engineer-inventor Anil Rajvanshi, developer of a dual purpose device that simultaneously solves the twin problem of cooking and lighting in rural homes that do not have electricity.

A lantern, which burns kerosene to produce bright light and also doubles up as a cooking stove, is the latest invention from Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) at Phaltan in Maharashtra, a non-profit organisation that undertakes research in agriculture, renewable energy, animal husbandry and sustainable development.

"The hybrid device christened 'lanstove' (lantern combined with cook stove) provides excellent light and cooks a complete meal of rice, dal and vegetables for a family of five and boils 10 litres of water for drinking - all in four hours," NARI director Rajvanshi told IANS.