General design and manufacture EN 593 / API 609 / IS 13095
Valve face to face dimension ISO 5752
Top flange drilling ISO 5211
Valve inspection and testing API 598 / IS 13095
Flange standard conformity ANSI 125 / ANSI 150 / BS 10
TAB D & E / IS 6392 NP 1.0 & 1.6
DIN 2501 – PN10 & PN16
Type of valve Centric Disc Butterfly valve with Rubber Lined Body
Body Type Single Piece, Short wafer or wafer lugged
Seal Type Integrally Bonded & Replaceable
Size Range DN50 to DN600
Pressure Rating PN10 / PN16
Operating Temperature Range -30ºC to 130ºC (Depending on MOC
Seal Leakage Performance Tight Shut Off
Operation Hand Lever Operation – DN50 – DN300
Worm Gear Operation – DN50 – DN600
Electrical / Pneumatic Actuator Operation -  Optional
Size DN40 to DN600
Rating PN10 & PN16
Body Materials Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast steel, Stainless steel
Disk Materials Ductile iron, Cf8, Cf8m
Seat Materials EPDM, Nitrile
End Connection Wafer, semi Lug
Operation Hand lever, Worm Gear, Electrical / Pneumatic actuators