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Pressure Tank

C.R.I. pressure tank is one another reliable product from the house of CRI having 5 decades of expertise in pump industry. These pressure tanks are ingeniously designed with perfection to deliver optimal performance. The butyl/natural rubber membrane provided in all the models ensures finer and trouble free performance. These tanks are used for pressure boosting applications to fetch self-sustained supply of pressurized water in the pipeline evermore especially in houses, apartments & hotels. Pressure tank eliminates the need of overhead tanks & float switch. The electromechanical switch, switches ON & OFF the pump automatically whenever pressure reaches the minimum & maximum level of preset pressure. The smaller capacity tanks are vertical in shape, which can be fixed directly to the outlet of the pump, whereas bigger capacity tanks are horizontal/vertical in shape with legs and the pumps can be fitted over the platform provided on the top. A 5 way connector, electromechanical switch, hose connector & pressure gauge are the common accessories used along with the pressure tanks. The pressure can be preset. The pressure will be developed in the membrane based on the maximum operating head (in bars) of the pump.

Tank capacity 9, 16, 24, 60, 100 ltr
Connector size 1"
Position Horizantal/Vertical
Weight  1 to 15 kg
Boltan Plate Sizes 32, 40, 80 mm
  • Sets free from operating the pump every time manually
  • Eliminates need of overhead tank and float switch
  • High quality food grade rubber membrane for hygienic water supply
  • Ensures uninterrupted water supply with adequate pressure
  • Saves water, electricity & time
  • Designed for easy installation
Part Name Material
Tank Carbon Fibre/Stainless Steel
Bladder Butyl /Natural Rubber
  • Residential Residential
  • Villas Villas
  • Gardens Gardens