Centrifugal pumps which have the ability to pump mixtures of water and air as well as to vent the suction line of air, are deemed to be self-priming pumps. With the addition of a check valve in the suction pipework, standard centrifugal pumps can be self-priming if the casing is filled with water upon startup. Thus, the suction pipework cannot drain water.

Centrifugal jet self priming pumps are used in applications such as shallow well, small farms, domestic, pressure boosting, gardens, fertigation and drinking water supply.

Feature of CRI Centrifugal Jet Self-Priming Pump series

C.R.I. Jet Self Priming pump sets pump casing and ejector unit are designed carefully to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. These pump sets are powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled AC induction motor, suitable for continuous duty.

Motor stator is made of low watt loss ferro silicon steel lamination assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in the frame. The varnish impregnated windings made of enameled copper wire offer excellent resistance. Construction of motor frame and usage of quality materials result in high performance and low temperature rise, thereby increasing the life cycle of the motor.