C.R.I. Compressor Pumps are designed for domestic and industrial purposes with high operating efficiency and work at a depth of up to 200 feet. The compressor is coupled with high-quality motors to ensure efficient performance. It works on the principle of difference in density of two-inter-connected water columns and the heavier one over balancing the lighter one operation. The Compressed air is pumped down into the well and gets mixed with water into the delivery pipe as very fine air bubbles by the air – distributor installed at the end of the air pipeline. This air-water mixture has a low density than the surrounding water column rises in the discharge pipe. In continuation of this process, water is pumped through the discharge pipe. These pumps are robust in construction and tested at high standard excellence.

Features of CRI Compressor Pumps- Mono and Belt Compressor

Each CRI compressor pump features a detachable cylinder, making cleaning simple. A fool-proof indicator is included to check the oil level clearly as needed. They are compactly designed and available in single and double-cylinder designs.