CRI Openwell submersible pumps are our most popular product and they offer exceptional value and reliable performance.

As the name indicates, a submersible pump is designed to be submerged within the fluid being pumped. They are also known as Submersible water pumps or Openwell submersible pumps. They measure up against jet pumps as they are not subject to variations in elevation. They work underwater and rest at the bottom of the well. Jet pumps are prone to cavitation. Openwell submersible pumps use significantly less power, as the fluid they pump is pushed and not pulled.

The prime part of the pump, the motor is sealed with polymers, ‘O’rings, oil seals, and sand to prevent ingress of well water or salt into the motor. This feature helps in extending the durability of the submersible pump. The motor is prefilled with a cooler which regulates the temperature of the pump. A rubber diaphragm acts as a pressure equalizer and guards the motor against pressure and volume variation. The three-phase motor gives additional protection to all the electrical components.

CRI Openwell submersible pump offers higher water pulling capacity, functions at wide voltage fluctuation, and is easy to install and operate.