A deep well centrifugal jet pump is designed for pumping application that requires strong suction in a vertical depth from deep wells above 25 feet. In deep well jet pumps, the pumps are connected to the long pipelines which extend into the deep ground. These pipelines are connected to the impeller. With an impeller and diffuser fitted inside the well, the impeller circulates water through Jet system, to deliver high volume water discharge to overhead tanks in households. The main advantages of Deepwell pumps are that they can be placed at a distance from the water source and can be adjusted to pump the water from varying suction heads. They have a long life span and can be easily maintained.

Applications of Deep Well Centrifugal Jet Pumps

Mostly deep well jet pumps are used for domestic needs, farming, garde.ning and civil applications.


C.R.I. Deep Well Jet Centrifugal pumpsets volute chamber and impellers are designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. These Pumpsets are powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) and screen protected drip proof (SPDP), AC induction two pole motor, suitable for continuous duty.

Motor stator is made of low watt loss ferro silicon steel lamination. The winding are high grade enameled copper wire and are varnish impregnated. Construction of motor frame and usage of quality materials result in high performance and low temperature rise, thereby increasing the life cycle of the motor.