What are Smart pumps

Smart pumps are an integrated system with an inbuilt timer and water level monitor, automatic on/off, and a Digital LED display that displays useful data like run time and last run duration. Smart pumps protect the pump from dry runs, overload and voltage fluctuations. Smart pumps help in lowering power consumption.

Application of Smart Pumps

Smart Pumps can be used for household water applications, small gardens, civil applications and pressure boosting systems.

Features of CRI I Smart Pumps

C.R.I. proudly introduces the new Intelligence Smart Mini Pump with complete solution of water pumping. i-SMART pumps are specially designed for efficient and trouble-free performance. The integrated system protects the pump from a dry run operation, overload fault, and sudden voltage variation. The pump controller unit is equipped with an inbuilt timer that helps run the pump in real-time and at scheduled times. This feature enhances the effective running of the pump and lowers power consumption. The digital LED display embedded in the Smart pump supports to set the time and helps to monitor the voltage and current values. Float switch senses the over head tank water level and runs the pump automatically.